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                        In order to ensure that customers can rest assured to use Shanghai shangvalve valve manufacturing group. Products, and completely eliminate worries, the customer service center based in Shanghai, as well as the customer service center network around the world, implement 24-hour tracking services.Headquarters 24-hour customer hotline: +86 021-69755272

                        Shanghai Shangfa Valve Manufacturing Group Customer service tenet

                        Customer is always god is the core of customer service of Shanghai shangvalve valve manufacturing group.

                        Save every penny for customers is the content of customer service of Shanghai shangvalve valve manufacturing group in order to reduce the service and maintenance cost of customers to the maximum extent while providing good service earnestly. 

                        Fast and effective service is the direction of Shanghai shangvalve valve manufacturing group.

                        The best satisfactory service is the forever target pursued by the customer service of Shanghai shangvalve valve manufacturing group.The customer service team composed of experienced senior technical personnel ensures the safety and reliability of the equipment.