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Coating sewage treatment:
(1)It avoids the defect that the plant cannot rebuild a sedimentation tank because of limited space,so that the investment is reduced.
(2)Adopt the state-of-the-art technology that the dissolved gas-water comes out when the atmosphere gets through the jet directly to mix with the water.Here,an air compressor is not needed.Thus,,a series of defects wont happen,such as noise pollution,hard operating of the air compressor,canful air and water.Moreover,in this way,the flotation is more effective and the cost is lower.
(3)The chemincal agent can be regulated automatically according to the proportion.Human dosing doesnt need any more.Therefore,the stability of out-water quality is guaranteed.
(4)A sound process is applied,which is a tractor serves several purposes.
(5)Introducing the efficent block-release machine,compared with others,our products are more effective,with longer and better flotation .
(6)Rational design,compact construction,small footsprints,low energy consumption and stable effect.

Based on the mature experiencein the similar industry and the same type&design of waste water treatment,we have developed a disposal process in the field of coating waste water treatment as follows:

Wast water | Wastewater disposal basin | dosing reaction,flotation,filtration,adsorption and oxidization | Discharge
Mechanical dewatering | waste out
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